Everyone benefits from volunteering their time to non profit or charity organisations.Volunteers are essential to charitable organisations and they would not function without them. Whatever you give, you will receive ten fold in return. It's character building especially for young people and gives everyone a sound purpose in life. It is now an incredibly useful pathway into employment and gaining valuable experience. I know employers who specifically look for volunteer work on CVs as it shows a great deal about the applicant they'd like to employ in their company.

"My grandparents instilled in me that desire to give back to my community, that it was my duty and I would be a better person for it. I like to think they were right."
Sharonn Miller - Pirie

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Shama aims to support the development of a truly multi-cultural New Zealand where all women from ethnic minorities would be fully integrated into New Zealand society, to live lives of dignity, free from fear of violence and discrimination, and to be recognised as valuable contributors to their local communities.

For over two years we have been offering Career Development and Employment support to Shama's clients. As we've grown larger we now offer employment consulting where needed and we are volunteers at any large fundraiser.


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