Paula Malins | Parent Feedback

I feel you are very approachable, open and honest. You have a very positive outlook and that helped my daughter (and I) feel confident that she would get a job, and that she had the skills and was worthy of a job. That was so important. 

You helped support her with her CV and with where she felt was where she wanted to work.
The many skills she got from working with you were also: how to approach businesses and what to say, how to share her skills and her CV.
You spent many hours with Brearn going around businesses, approaching managers, and handing over her CV. 
When she got a job, it was because of those many skills that she had now acquired, and the confidence she was able to put across to prospective employers.
The other big plus, was you were aware of the employment contract that could be applied for via the Govt that gave employers financial support if they hired Brearn. Her employer hired her without knowing this which was great, but on knowing about this you supported the application which was successful, therefore making the employer feel that they had gained not only a new lovely employee, but an unexpected bonus too.
I would not hesitate to use you again (although I hope we do not need too :)  and I have referred you to other people.

Janine Lee | Parent Feedback

So far so good for our young lad. He’s actually putting in the effort, feeling more engaged and the results are showing. Just the kick he needed at the right time. I have recommended you to lots of people. What a journey you have taken our son on. From an unemployed, anxious, nervous young man with no ideas or goals, to the Employed, positive happy guy he is today that also has a newfound self-confidence. He now has an ‘ I CAN ’  attitude. The ‘ one on one ’ sessions that you worked with him has been so beneficial. Guidance on deciding the correct pathway, learning from you all facets of applying for job vacancies. CV & cover letter writing and mock interviews have all been such an empowering experience for him. The flexibility for appointments,  support, and motivation from working together with you has made our son think positively about himself giving him new direction. The strategies you have taught him helped immensely, I know he will use them for not only his current employment but also life in general. The various forms of communication to him, and to us were so very much appreciated. It kept us well informed and in the loop ( Especially when our teenage son didn’t want to talk to us, the parents ).    We have already been recommending your services to people we know. Thank you again for all you have done. 

Trisha | Museum Administrator

Sharonn of Futures NZ helped me overcome the handicap of having to leave a job because of a bullying boss. My self-confidence had taken a beating and I didn't know how to move forward from there. Sharonn was able to offer a different perspective to my situation and help me see all the positive things about my career skills and experience. She helped me define what areas of the job sector could offer me rewarding jobs and then worked with me to refresh my resume and dust off my cover letter writing skills. I was lucky enough to get several interviews and have recently started at a great job that feels like a really good fit for me. Without Sharonn's help I'm certain I would be still be looking for a job or would have ended up settling for a job less suited to my skill set. I have Sharonn of Futures NZ to thank for enabling me to get back into the job market with renewed self confidence and ambition. Thank you Sharonn! 

Loren de Silva | Student Psychologist

'Sharonn was an amazing help for me when trying to decide what direction I want to take in regards to my studies. Before seeing Sharonn, I was aimless and going through my degree without any clear path as to what I wanted to achieve. She introduced me to amazing young women doing amazing work in psychology and allowed me to ask a lot of questions. She made me a fabulous CV and gave me a great cover letter template which has helped me gain employment. She is extremely approachable, kind and has great answers for any career questions you might need.

Veronique Gibbons | Parent Feedback

'So far so good for our young lad. He’s actually putting in the effort, feeling more engaged and the results are showing. Just the kick he needed at the right time. I have recommended you to lots of people.'

Lisa Dekker | Elite Media Growth

Sharonn is a breath of fresh air, with a positivity which is contagious. Her passion for her clients is unrivalled and she sees potential in everyone she works with. She gives valuable feedback and works hard but most importantly enables YOU to achieve your goals. I feel motivated and empowered working with her.

Natasha Lewis | Social work and Counselling

I just wanted to give you an update on your CV format that you very kindly did for me. I had an interview last Monday and they commented on my CV. Particularly on how it stood out & that's why they read further and asked me to interview. So it did the trick, thank you for your hard work.


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